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 Major cleanout of gear!

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Major cleanout of gear! Empty
PostSubject: Major cleanout of gear!   Major cleanout of gear! Icon_minitimeSat Oct 15, 2011 5:01 am

I've gone from 3 horses down to one... Not expecting a new one for some time yet so having a good clean-out of gear... Will get new stuff if/when I have to!

Combat Canvas neck rug, excellent condition only used for a couple of nights.
Major cleanout of gear! 308511_10150349978255040_655795039_8160173_1472412387_n

6'3" red polar fleece combo, stretched slightly would fit 6'6" otherwise excellent condition.
$40 (possibly sold?)
Major cleanout of gear! 302503_10150349980485040_655795039_8160179_1952847895_n

Saxon 6'3" 180g combo, very good condition just poo stains etc Very Happy $40
Major cleanout of gear! 305193_10150350090055040_655795039_8160484_152876704_n

Bags of Dolomite (calcium/magnesium). left $3, right $4. Heaps more available.
Major cleanout of gear! 297280_10150360239930040_655795039_8216478_1376755625_n

Swelldown poultice barely used, 2.25kg tub $10
Major cleanout of gear! 301911_10150360241360040_655795039_8216481_2048158985_n

Two full roma fly masks, one cob wrangler fly mask, $5 each
Major cleanout of gear! 303867_10150360241925040_655795039_8216484_822916831_n

Full size float boots, excellent condition just dirty, $30
Major cleanout of gear! 301499_10150360244540040_655795039_8216498_1294423778_n

Full size Kool Coat cotton hood, barely used just dirty $25
Major cleanout of gear! 299631_10150360245165040_655795039_8216501_1241879549_n

5" stainless steel pelham with chain and roundings, $30
Major cleanout of gear! 299792_10150360245880040_655795039_8216503_1951511821_n

White front riser pad $15
Major cleanout of gear! 307596_10150360246450040_655795039_8216505_927679742_n

6'3" canvas rug, surcingles etc, good condition $20
Major cleanout of gear! 297788_10150360247140040_655795039_8216512_1369150898_n

Full size browband $5
Major cleanout of gear! 305808_10150360295640040_655795039_8216667_664199311_n
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Major cleanout of gear!
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